Best Double Stroller 2020 Reviews

Whether you have twins or two children, double stroller becomes an inevitable requirement. The advantages of double strollers are many, the best being ease of transporting two kids in one stroller which makes monitoring as well as plenty of other things easier.

Guidelines For Choosing The Best Stroller for Infant and Toddler

best double stroller for infant and toddler

Choosing the best double stroller for infant and toddler is painfully confusing with multitude of options. Double strollers come as side-by-side, in-line or stand-on tandem strollers. Choosing the right type of stroller is solely based on your needs. A quick check can be made by assessing the following aspects.

  • Do you have twins or babies of different ages?
  • How long are you planning to use the stroller?
  • How often do you use stroller?
  • Are you incorporating car seats into it?
  • Are you looking for seated or stand-on tandem stroller?
  • Will you be using stroller while hiking, biking, skiing etc.?
  • Do you need three or four-wheeler?
  • Is it maneuverable?
  • What is your budget?

Once you identify your needs, you could start shortlisting your options. Choosing a stroller can be made easy by ensuring you and your little ones feel safe and comfortable with it.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller:

Double strollers make travelling a better experience for parents. Therefore, it is up to parents to choose a comfortable and practical stroller that fits children’s and parent’s needs.

Best Double Strollers

When you make up your mind to get a double stroller, you need to analyze few criteria like

  • Your requirements.
  • Your children’s age group.
  • Features and facilities.
  • Frequency of usage.
  • Purpose and type of stroller.
  • Safety and comfort aspects.
  • Attachment requirements.
  • Budget restrictions.

#1. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Review

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

This stroller is for siblings with the option for elder child to sit or stand on the rear seat. It even considers comfort of mother, including a parent tray with two cup holders. The stroller comes packed with features like:

  • Foot activated rear brakes.
  • Five point harness.
  • Accommodates two infant car seats.


This double stroller is advantageous in many ways like:

  • Accommodate two children in sitting or lying position.
  • It has parent and child trays with cup holders.
  • There is a large basket.
  • Each seat can accommodate infant car seat for smaller babies.
  • There is a standing platform at the rear.


The basket underneath the stroller is quite inaccessible due to rear footrest. The steering becomes difficult on turns and bumps. The straps do not have pads which might hurt the children.


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is your kind of stroller if you have two children whom you want to transport with comfort and are on a budget. The stroller has been designed with parents and children’s safety requirements.

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#2. Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller Review

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

Budget Fitting Double Stroller

If you are looking for the comfort of your babies within your budget, the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller is a good option. It has all features that a growing family needs with best features including:

  • Stadium-style seating which offers better view to the child at the rear.
  • Both seats have reclining (rear seat recline completely), individual canopies, snack trays and footrests.
  • It has three-point harness.
  • Each seat has 49 lbs. capacity.
  • The front swivel wheels can be locked.
  • It comes with parent’s tray and removable front child tray.
  • One-hand folding and self-standing storage option.
  • It has an extra-large storage basket.


The advantages of the stroller are:

  • Quick, click set up.
  • Sturdy and durable manufacture.
  • Reclining seats for comfort during long walks.
  • The stroller is comparatively light-weight.
  • Front swivel wheels allow easy maneuvering.
  • One-hand, easy folding with independent standing for easy storage.
  • Practical design for added comfort.


The main disadvantage of this stroller is that you cannot access storage basket if the seat at the rear is reclined and fitting car seat requires the seat to be reclined completely.


Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect is the best budget-stroller for families with two children. This stroller can be ideal since birth due to the flexibility of attaching infant seat. The stroller can also accommodate children till they grow out of it which is the best reason for investing in Graco Duo Glider.

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#3. Baby Jogger City Select Black Frame Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Select Black Frame Stroller

A Stroller That Expands With Your Family

Baby Jogger City Select Black Frame Stroller is the perfect stroller for your growing family. You can use it as a single stroller till your second kid arrives and get the bassinet kit to make it a double stroller as it comes with the second seat kit. You can adjust it and use this stroller in 16 different combinations from car seats to a bassinet to single seats.


  • Patented one step quick-fold technology.
  • Adjustable handle bar to suit the height of the parent.
  • UV 50+ Sun Canopy with a peek-a-boo window with magnetic closure.
  • Lightweight swivelling front wheels which can be locked.
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness and padded seat with multiple recline positions.


  • Compact size and single stroller footprint even when made into a double stroller useful in narrow or crowded spaces.
  • Easily convertible to a travel system.
  • Ample storage facility.
  • Easy to use hand brake that grips the rear wheel.
  • Versatile and Adaptable to growing families.


  • Expensive for budget shoppers.
  • It’s not a jogging stroller.
  • Around 20 accessories can be fitted to the stroller, but they need to be purchased separately like bassinet kit etc.
  • Seats don’t recline in double stroller unless in face-to-face configuration.


If you have newborns as well as older siblings who can still use a stroller, then go for a versatile stroller. It can carry up to 3 kids. But if you are looking for a jogging stroller, this is not the wise choice.

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#4. BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller Review

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Get your twins buckled up in this BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller and get on-the-go. This is a light weight; easy to fold stroller offering a smooth ride through tight corners and congested areas. It also comes with an accessory adapter which quickly secures a BOB infant car seat and snack tray if your babies are not quite ready for the roomy, comfortable space.

Features of BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller:

  • Swivelling front wheel which helps in easy manoeuvring as well as facility to lock it when it is in a forward position when you are on terrain or jogging.
  • Easily foldable in two steps and is light weight.
  • State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system which helps in a perfectly smooth ride for the babies.
  • 5 point, padded harnesses and adjustable reclining seat to enhance comfortable seating.
  • Multi-position canopies which protects your babies from the harsh sun along with large windows to keep an eye on the babies.


BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller Review

  • Light-Weight and can be pushed with one hand.
  • Maintenance is hassle-free as the durable fabrics are easy to clean and suitable for any weather.
  • There is a rear brake for emergency stops.


  • Size is slightly bigger and heavier compared to its competitors.
  • Foot rest cannot be adjusted.
  • Handle bars are not comfortable if you are a tall parent.


This stroller packs all the convenience and comfort features a parent would expect. It’s made with quality materials and is definitely recommended for your twins.

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#5. Graco Duo Glider Classic Connect Review

This stroller, with its stadium-style reclining seats, canopy, child’s and parent’s tray, wins hearts due to its comfort and convenience at a very reasonable price. This could make an ideal stroller for a two-kid family; be it twins or siblings.


This Duo Glider holds two Classic Connect car seats that can carry two kids of 40 pounds each. This feature makes it usable from infant stage onwards. The major advantages include:

  • Easy, one-hand folding.
  • Extra-large storage basket.
  • Two comfy, roomy, reclining seats with canopies and footrests.
  • Three point harness.
  • Lockable front swivel wheels.
  • Swivel wheels make maneuvering easy.
  • One hand folding and easy storing..
  • Light-weight for a double stroller.
  • Reasonably priced.


Before you finalize your choice, it is good to analyze the negatives too, like:

  • Difficult to see second child in the back seat due to attached canopy
  • Basket sides are made of mesh which might not withstand rough use
  • Lacks cup holder for child at the rear
  • Front seat does not recline completely


Graco Duo Glider Classic Connect is a perfect two-baby stroller that could last till they grow out of it. The stroller has earned 4.4 out of 5 among Amazon customers. The designing is done keeping parents and children in mind. If you need a sturdy, double stroller that fits into your budget, then this is the stroller of your choice.

Best Jogging Strollers

Begin Your Exercise Regime With Your Baby In A Jogging Stroller

Best Jogging Strollers

Has it been a while that you have worked out for yourself? Do you feel left out because you are a new mommy? Worry not, with Jogging strollers you can take your baby along on your runs and make sure you get the exercise while he/she gets the scenic views.

Before you head out and buy these strollers, make sure you make an informed choice about the right one.

  • Size of the Wheels: This will depend on the area you reside. Go for a 16” wheels which are great on fairly smooth surfaces and for light off-the road use if you’re walking and jogging is near your neighbourhood. If you are someone who loves long-distance running and use off-the road paths, then go for a 20”+ Wheels.
  • Alloy or Steel: Go for alloy wheels which are lighter but relatively expensive. If you live in salty areas, then you will need to go for the Steel wheels.
  • Swivel or Fixed Front wheels: If you are going to use it only for jogging, then go for fixed wheels as it will give you stability, if you want to use it when you go to other places, swivel wheels are best.
  • Suspension: Always go for a stroller with shocks when you are going to hit some bumpy roads.
  • Frame: Always go for a welded aluminium frame, even though expensive makes your stroller lighter.
  • Handlebars: You should go for adjustable ones if you are tall.
  • Weight limit: You are not only taking your baby, but also the bulk of baby baggage. So look for those models that can carry a good amount of weight.
  • Canopy: Make sure it comes with a large adjustable canopy so that the baby is comfortable.
  • Size and fold: It should be of compact size to fit one’s car as well as be able to fold itself in one fold.

If you are looking for something light and compact as well as for multipurpose urban use go for the popular jogger stroller – the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller. Priced in the range of $240-$250, it comes with a lot of features which makes it stand out. With a UV 50 + Sun canopy, one step folding as well as being light weight and maintenance free with a good reclining seat and good storage, this is reasonably priced for its performance. The only drawbacks are its average manoeuvrability and poor performance on rough surfaces.


Best Lightweight Stroller

Travel-At-Ease With The Best Lightweight Stroller

Best Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight or Umbrella strollers great to travel with because they have the advantage of being compact on folding, making it storage and transportation-friendly.

Guidelines to Choosing the Best Lightwight StrollerBest Lightweight Stroller

When you shop for lightweight strollers, you could end up with dizzying options. Choosing the right stroller is solely based on your personal preferences. Do a self-analysis on these criteria which could help shortlist your options. You should check if:

  • The handle bar is high enough for your height.
  • You have enough space for diaper bag and groceries.
  • You could fold and store it without hassle.
  • You could maneuver it easily.
  • It weighs less.
  • You can fit a car seat.
  • It has requirements such as snack tray for long-time use.
  • Safety harnesses are as per standards.
  • It is versatile enough for outings and other sportive occasions.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

This is one of the most popular strollers of its kind, being rated 4 out of 5 by over 500 Amazon customers. This stroller well suits every travelling-family looking for a budget stroller. Weighing less than 12 pounds, it incorporates all normal stroller features in a simpler way with a superb compact folding design.


Cloud Plus is designed for easy, everyday mobility. It consists of all-terrain wheels, one-hand folding, child and parent trays, large basket etc. The main advantages are:

  • All-terrain wheels with front suspension.
  • Simple one-hand folding mechanism.
  • Light weight for easy transportation.
  • An extended canopy for full sunlight coverage and peekaboo window.
  • Child friendly, comfortable padded seating.
  • Five point safety harness.
  • Multi positioning seat accommodates child up to 50 pounds.
  • Rear wheel breaks.
  • JPMA Certified


The Cloud Plus is a great stroller with amazing features at an awesome price. But there are few defects that parents need to keep a check on.

  • The back part of the seat is thin and flimsy which concerns parents about neck and spine positioning.
  • The child and parent tray are designed too narrow to hold any standardized drinking cups.
  • Kids can only climb in if the tray is snapped off.
  • Seats cannot be detached for cleaning purpose.
  • Wheels are made of plastic, not rubber.
  • There are not many color options available.


If you are looking for a very lightweight, transport-friendly, budget-friendly option, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is one of the best you could lay your hands on. The stroller is child and parent friendly, with its awesome features, and is worth the money you pay for.


Best Single Stroller

Best Single Stroller

How To Buy – The Beginner’s Guide

Choosing baby gear can at times seem as difficult as birthing a baby. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration before investing in them. One such item is a stroller that needs careful inspection before making a purchase. Here is a guide that would help you to choose the best single stroller and would also mention the one that has been doing the rounds.

How to choose?

  • A single stroller should be less bulky than a jogging stroller.
  • It should have a good suspension and lots of room for gear.
  • It should be small enough to fold up easily without too much trouble.
  • High-quality single strollers should have seats that recline so that you can use it even if your baby can’t sit up yet.
  • These strollers should have some amount of suspension for balancing well on bumpy roads.
  • Single strollers should have features like: five-harness seat belts, padding that are both removable and washable, holders for cups or tumblers, and locking brakes on rear wheels.
  • In some of the best single strollers, the handle can be flipped to the back or front, so that while you are pushing the stroller, there are two options- the baby either faces you or away from you.
  • Single strollers should be able to accommodate newborns and toddlers alike.
  • The brakes should work really well so as to avoid accidental mishaps.
  • Consider your budget before investing.

One of the single strollers that really stand out is the Graco LiteRider Connect Stroller that has a 4.4 rating on Amazon and is highly popular among parents:

Why do we like it?

  • It is lightweight, portable and sturdy, all at the same time
  • It is designed to last long and provide years of comfortable strolling
  • It can be folded with just one hand and it comes with a convenient storage latch to keep it closed when not in use.
  • The fabric is soft and the seats are padded
  • The front-swivel wheels are lockable which along with the built-in suspension make the stroller very easy to manoeuvre.

What we don’t like?

  • Might take up more space than an umbrella stroller
  • Could be a little difficult to assemble for the first time.


The pros far outweigh the cons for this lightweight single stroller. For its ease of portability and storage, it is clearly the best single stroller for your kid.


Best Tandem Stroller

Confused In Choosing A Double Stroller? Know How To Purchase The Best Tandem Stroller

Best Tandem Stroller

Parents, with children a few years apart or with twins, tend to get confused when buying a double stroller. The decision of whether to buy a tandem stroller or a side-by-side stroller makes them lose their sleep. However the convenience that a tandem stroller offers may compel you to think over your decision. Being narrower it is easy to push through a crowded shopping mall without bumping into people and things.

Also if your toddler is busy studying and you just need to take your baby out for a walk, you will not have to push a double stroller around. Tandem strollers are expensive and thus you need to keep a few things in mind before investing in one

  • Size-The size should be just perfect to get through the congested places in supermarkets and malls. It should also fit into your car
  • Adaptability-The stroller should be very adaptable. You should be able to pull out one seat if you do not need it
  • Basket-Do not compromise on your storage space when you purchase a tandem stroller. You will need it when you go the nearest grocery store to make your purchases
  • Recline seats-The seats should be flexible to be both reclined and upright at the same time. This will let both your toddler and your baby sleep at the same time

Graco Duo Glider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly

The Graco Duo Glider Classic Connect Stroller, Dragonfly is comfortable for both your babies as well as for you. The seating is such that both the children get a good view. Both the seats are reclining and with individual trays. It has a footrest too. There is extra space for storing luggage and a separate tray for the parent.


  • Comfortable for both the children as well as for the parent
  • It is a complete value for money
  • It comes with a warranty which lets you exchange the product in case of any damage
  • Recliner seats which can be adjusted
  • Good harness to keep both your babies safe


  • The price is a bit on the higher side and thus may not be affordable by all.
  • The stroller is comparatively heavier than many other brands


The Graco Duo Glider will help you to manage both your kids easily when outside and although a little expensive, it makes up for the price with its incredible features!


Best Travel Stroller

Get A Light Weight Travel Stroller And Travel Easy With Your Baby

Best Travel Stroller

Planning your first vacation with your baby? Your regular stroller will not be suitable for travel purposes. You will need a light weight stroller that is easy to carry and also fits into any public transport or car in which you will be traveling. Buying a travel stroller is relatively easier than your regular stroller as you only need to take into account certain features.

  • Size and weight: You do not want a bulky stroller that is difficult to carry during travel and also not too huge that it may not fit compactly in your hotel room. An umbrella stroller is a better choice in this matter.
  • Recline: Usually strollers with recline facility are bulkier, but you will have to go for this kind when your baby is still napping for long hours, if not you can do away with this feature.
  • Fold: You should able to fold your stroller in one hand. A one-step folding will help you when travelling without the need for support from others and also the stroller should have a carry strap for comfort of carrying easily when you are on the go.
  • Storage basket: Since you are travelling, your stroller should have a decent storage. You don’t need a big storage requirement as you would be carrying your own backpack in most cases, but for the essential baby supplies, this feature is very useful when travelling.

One of the best travel strollers available in the market is the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller. It weights at 15 pounds and comes with plenty of features to make your new born comfortable. Amazon rates it at 4.5 stars and this is a stroller that comes in the range of $300.


  • The biggest advantage of this stroller is that it’s easy to fold in one step when you are travelling.
  • It has high performance wheels with good suspension and a good 3 position recline.
  • It also comes with a great storage basket, sun canopy and a seat pad which is removable and washable.
  • The foot rest is also adjustable and it can support the baby from birth till it gains 55 pounds, so that you need not look for another stroller for a long time.


  • There are not many downsides to this stroller. The only things missing are a couple of zipper pockets.
  • 5 point harness could be padded and it doesn’t have a crotch pad.

This would be your best travel stroller for that dream vacation you have been waiting for. Invest in this to have the time of your life!

Best Umbrella Strollers

How to Decide On The Best Umbrella Stroller For Your Little One

Best Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are lightweight strollers which parents normally purchase in addition to a standard stroller. These are mostly used for travel or a quick day trip. Being compact and very light to carry, they easily fit into a luggage and fold like an umbrella. They lack many features that a regular stroller may have, but the ease to carry them makes them a must buy for short tours and where the surface is flat without any obstacles.

There are a few points that you will need to keep in mind when you go shopping for the best umbrella stroller:

Size-The main purpose of buying an umbrella stroller is to carry it around with ease. Thus the size of the stroller is the most important feature that you need to consider. Since they are used mostly for travel, these strollers should easily fold and fit into a car. It should even weigh light so that you can easily carry it around

Brakes-Your baby’s safety is what you can never compromise on. So when you go shopping for an umbrella stroller, do check if it has brakes. In case you need to park it somewhere or just leave your baby in it while you are picking up your luggage, you are rest assured that your baby is safe

Versatility-Do check if the stroller is versatile. You should be able to adjust the seat so that you can recline the back rest. Also keep in mind that your child should be comfortable sitting in the stroller. Sharp ends, unwanted pockets will only be frustrating.

Luv Lap – Sunshine Baby Stroller

Luv lap Sunshine Baby Stroller is made keeping you as well as the baby’s comfort in mind. It has a three pointed belt strap which keeps your baby safe. It has eight wheels and brakes which lets you take a sudden stop. The seat is comfortable with extra padding and is also very compact and lightweight for you to carry.


  • Lightweight to carry
  • Has proper harness to keep your baby safe
  • Very compact so can easily be carried while travelling
  • Has brakes so that the stroller does not go out of control


  • Cannot be used on rough surfaces
  • It is not as sturdy as a regular stroller


Sunshine Baby Stroller will make your vacations a thing to look forward to because your cranky, clingy baby will easily settle down in its comfortable and secure embrace and let you enjoy the holiday!